Headlines 2021

Putting ideas into action

Richard Byrne Technology Review

MIT’s new chancellor laid a foundation for leadership through her groundbreaking research on politics and racial justice.

Alumni Profile: Tim Wright

MIT Security Studies Program

In this section we will ask an SSP alum 10 “Frequently Asked Questions” in order to spotlight their own career achievements as well as what insight they have gained as a result from their years at SSP. Tim Wright is the Director for Western Europe on the National Security Council, and a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army

Can the world change course on climate?

School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

"Industrial countries are uneven in their recognition of, and responses to, climate change...Whatever the cause, the result has been an unwillingness to take strong action. Climate change remains within the domain of 'low politics,' although there are signs the issue is making a slow but steady shift to 'high politics' — those issues deemed vital to the existence of the state." -Nazli Choucri

Community policing in the Global South

Stephanie M. McPherson MIT News

Professor Fotini Christia is part of a team examining the challenges of implementing community policing across a range of countries.

Rethinking American Political Economy

London School of Economics

Drawing on their new volume, The American Political Economy: Politics, Markets, and Power, Paul Pierson and Kathleen Thelen lay out a comparatively informed framework for understanding how business power, union decline, racial inequity, government weakness and regional disparities are impacting contemporary American politics and policy.

Exploring the human stories behind the data

Alli Armijo MIT News

Senior Brian Williams has used bioengineering as a launchpad to combat racism in public health — and he doesn’t want to stop there.

Prof. Ben Schneider is among MIT's 2021-23 Committed to Caring honorees

Daniel Korsun Office of Graduate Education

Throughout the pandemic, numerous faculty members have stepped up to support and guide their graduate students in unique and impactful ways, through efforts such as championing diversity, equity, and inclusion programs within their departments; respecting students’ mental health concerns and finding appropriate ways to accommodate them; and fostering community within their advising groups and departments.

Scene at MIT: MIT welcomes Chancellor Melissa Nobles

Stephanie Tran Division of Student Life

Nestled between buildings 12, 13, 24, and 31 is the North Corridor, an area coined as the “Outfinite” by students, where members of the MIT community gathered for an Institute community social hosted by President L. Rafael Reif to welcome MIT’s new chancellor, Melissa Nobles. After about 18 months of virtual Zoom meetings, for many it was their first time seeing and reconnecting with friends and colleagues.

Punishment for the people

Peter Dizikes MIT News

By some lights, it seems curious how authoritarian leaders can sustain their public support while limiting liberties for citizens. Yes, it can be hard to overthrow an entrenched leader; that does not mean people have to like their ruling autocrats. And yet, many do.

Citizens emerge from the slums

Leda Zimmerman MIT Department of Political Science

Research reveals that urban poor of the developing world are politically engaged and capable of lifting themselves up.