The Double Major

Students may combine a Political Science major with a major in any other department at MIT, creating a powerful combination of skills that can be applied in a wide range of public and private-sector situations, including entrepreneurial and executive management roles.

In order to double-major, students must fulfill the 17 General Institute Requirements (GIRs) and the departmental requirements for both majors, and follow the Institute's double-major procedures:

Guidelines and Administrative Procedures for Obtaining a Second Major

Students with a cumulative GPA ("Cum") of 4.0 or higher after completing at least two semesters in one major may petition the Committee on Curriculum (CoC) to pursue a second major. The petition must be submitted to the CoC no later than Add Date of the term prior to the term in which the student intends to receive the first of the two degrees. The CoC strictly enforces both the 4.0 minimum Cum and the Add-Date deadline! Blank forms for second-major petitions, with instructions, are available for downloading and printing from the CoC's website.