Political Science Internship Opportunities

Hands-on fieldwork is a hallmark of MIT Political Science, and internships are an important avenue for students to build real-world understanding of political and policy activity. International, domestic, and local opportunities are available, at government agencies, advocacy groups and private organizations.

All MIT undergraduates can apply to the MIT Washington DC Summer Internship Program, and receive academic credit for participation in the semester-long Boston-Cambridge internships.

A new Summer Political Science internship program is specifically for Course 17 majors after their sophomore or junior years.

In addition to providing a good understanding of how government and independent agencies function, political science internships also offer numerous opportunities to interact with government executives and organizational leaders at all levels. Student interns gain valuable diversified work experience, sample career options, and are sometimes offered jobs as a result of their work.

MIT Washington DC Summer Internship Program

The MIT Washington Summer Internship Program provides undergraduates of any major the opportunity to apply their specialized knowledge and problem-solving skills to public policy issues at the highest levels of government.

Selected students spend a minimum of two summer months in the Washington, DC, area, participating in the dynamic interplay between science, technology, and US public policy, through hands-on, research-oriented work at agencies, advocacy groups, corporations, and legislative and executive offices. The internships are complemented by a spring-break trip to Washington and a 12-unit class.

Program-paid stipends include summer housing and travel expenses for all participants, plus need-based cash grants. Participating students must attend a seminar on the policymaking process during the late spring and early fall.

All students who plan on being enrolled as MIT undergraduates during the fall semester are eligible to apply for participation, via the Washington Summer Internship website.

Summer Internship Program for Course 17 undergraduates

MIT Political Science believes that every Course 17 major should experience a domestic or international internship. The new Political Science Summer Internship Program provides undergraduates with funded internships during the summer after their sophomore or junior years.

Students can seek placements at a wide array of government offices, public-interest groups, media and cultural institutions, scientific and medical institutes, and research organizations in the US and abroad. Students accepted into the program work a minimum of two months and are eligible for program-paid stipends of up to $6,000 each. The Program maintains a list of organizations and contacts to help students find a well-matched summer placement.

All Course 17 undergraduates returning to MIT for the fall semester are eligible. For further information write to ps-uginfo@mit.edu.

Boston/Cambridge Semester Academic Credit Internships (17.902)

One of the benefits of MIT's location is access to the Boston area's active and distinguished political community – an excellent environment for the frontline engagement that is a hallmark of MIT Political Science. The Boston/Cambridge Semester Academic Credit Internships provide MIT students of any major with class credit and extended exposure to the area's thriving culture of national, state, and local political and policy activity.

Placement opportunities are available at political campaigns, legislators' offices, legal service organizations, human service agencies, and advocacy groups and organizations working on issues like education, public health, the environment, homelessness, and more. Internship placements typically last one semester, with students required to work 6-15 hours on site each week.

For further information write to ps-uginfo@mit.edu.