Meet Your HASS Requirement

Concentrate in Political Science

A concentration in Political Science offers MIT students the opportunity to build greater understanding of an area of the world (for example, East Asia), a subfield of political science (such as U.S. politics), or a special issue or problem (such as the relationship between a nation's economy and its foreign policy).

The three-class concentration forms a focused, cohesive grouping that deepens student understanding of issues and methodologies, by showing how leading political scientists and researchers select, develop, and apply rigorous analyses to meet specific challenges.

To ensure appropriate depth, a concentration cannot be comprised of three introductory-level classes. One class in a concentration may be taken outside of the Political Science department.

Those considering a concentration should consult with the Concentration advisor, Professor Noah Nathan. Here is a list of political science classes in their subfields. Two-digit subjects are introductory; if an introductory class is available in your concentration area, it is recommended that it be taken first.