Give to MIT Political Science

MIT Political Science remains one of the country's leading political science departments, attracting top-quality graduate students and junior faculty, and serving as home for several important educational and research activities.

We are in the midst of a very exciting process of renewal. Our goal is to make the Department, within the next five years, one of the country's top five political science departments. In the process, we hope to transform the discipline by showing that analytical and theoretical rigor can go hand in hand with policy relevance, and that the political science field can make significant contributions towards solving the world's great challenges while also advancing the frontiers of knowledge. To achieve these goals, we must build upon our existing strengths, develop stronger ties to other departments and research initiatives at MIT, and invest new resources in the department.

Over the last several months we have successfully recruited new faculty to enhance our educational programs by strengthening our methodological and substantive course offerings, and broadening our research activities; launched a series of new research-related activities which are heightening the department's sense of intellectual energy and excitement; and our students have continued to excel, winning prestigious fellowships and receiving job offers from the leading universities and colleges around the world.

Despite many successes, the Department still faces challenges, particularly in the area of graduate student funding. Maintaining the quality of our graduate program hinges directly upon our ability to offer competitive tuition and stipend support to the very best graduate students in the world. Yet the impact of the global economic downturn on financial aid has greatly impeded our ability to do so. We therefore must rely on the generosity of alumni and friends like you to help us fill the gap. This past fall, Andronico Luksic's $1 million gift to endow a department fellowship got us off to a great start, but there still is more work to be done.

Please consider supporting us this year with a gift to one or both of the department's fellowship funds. In these difficult times and at this critical moment in our development, the generosity and engagement of all our alumni are vital to our strength. Visit our page at Giving to MIT or contact us at political­