MIT's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) cultivates and supports research partnerships between MIT undergraduates and faculty; MIT Political Science offers UROPs to undergraduates in any major, giving students the opportunity to join established faculty research projects and work directly with faculty members or pursue their own ideas with help from a faculty supervisor.

A Political Science UROP helps cultivate practical skills and knowledge, and deeper understanding of the important interactions of public policy, science and technology. It is also an ideal way to become familiar with our faculty members and learn about Course 17 as a potential major or minor.

Current and recent UROP projects include tracking and analysis of factors voters use when choosing candidates, cost-effectiveness assessments of potential budget cuts to US defense and security programs, creation and analysis of a database on underrepresentation of racial violence in the US, and expansion of the Global System of Sustainable Development - an evolving knowledge networking system designed to identify and extend innovative approaches to sustainability.

For more information, contact Katherine Hoss at hoss@mit.edu.