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Minor in Applied International Studies

The Minor in Applied International Studies (MAIS) is designed to help students integrate a practical, applied international experience into a coherent course of study. The minor is built around four key principles:

  • proficiency in a language (via advanced language classes or bilingualism)
  • theory combined with in-the-field experience
  • applied cross-cultural communication skills
  • independent research skills

The result is a comprehensive plan of study that allows students to gain the skills necessary for a productive, sustainable career in the global economy.

The Minor in AIS consists of six subjects with an international focus including:

  • At least 2 focused on one area of the world; one a HASS-S. 
  • 2 upper level language subjects beyond first year (for non-bilingual students). Subjects taught in a foreign language are also accepted.
  • An intensive international experience during a summer or semester (MISTI, D-LAB).
  • A capstone research seminar in international studies and social science.

Students can create a course plan from any program in the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (SHASS). Contact the minor advisor for assistance in choosing appropriate classes for the planned international experience, based on student interest.

For more information, please contact the minor advisor, Professor Teppei Yamamoto or Scott Schnyer.