Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a Political Science advisor?

To get started as a political science major, schedule an appointment to come into the undergraduate office (E53-484) and see Katherine Hoss. You will have the opportunity to choose an advisor that is in the area of the field of political science that interests you. You might choose an advisor from a class that you have enjoyed. Start by looking at the list of our faculty and their research interests.

As a political science major how many of my political science class can I use for my General Institute Requirements?

Up to 3 of your political science classes can be used for your HASS General Institute Requirements

If I minor in political science can I also concentrate in political science?


How long does a political science thesis have to be?

Generally the political science undergraduate theses are between 50-80 pages.

As an undergraduate can I take a graduate class in the department?

Some of our graduate classes are not open to undergraduates but many of them allow undergraduates as students. You will always have to obtain permission from the instructor of the class to register for a graduate class.