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A Glimpse Inside Intel:  Manufacturing at MIT Distinguished Speaker Series Features Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger 

Peter Dizikes MIT News Office, Peter Dizikes

The Department of Political Science sponsors the Manufacturing @ MIT Distinguished Speaker Series in partnership with the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the Industrial Performance Center, MIT.nano, Machine Intelligence for Manufacturing and Operations, Leaders for Global Operations, the Laboratory for Manufacturing and Productivity, and Mission Innovation X.  Institute Professor Suzanne Berger has been involved with the series from its inception.

Matias Giannoni: Rise of the right

Leda Zimmerman MIT Political Science

Frustrated workers are leading the backlash against democracy as the global economy shudders

Machinery of the state

Leda Zimmerman MIT Department of Political Science

In Eastern Africa, Mai Hassan documents a bureaucratic system set up for coercion, as well as roadblocks to democratic government

Exploring education from all angles

Laura Rosado MIT News

Senior David Spicer advocates for students at MIT and beyond as he cultivates his interest in education policy.

Bringing it all back home

Peter Dizikes

In MIT visit, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf PhD ’81 offers a road map for creating more manufacturing jobs in the U.S.

Where Russia’s invasion of Ukraine stands

Peter Dizikes MIT News

More than seven months after Russia invaded Ukraine, the battlefield map has shown recent progress for Ukranian forces — and yet, the war remains destructive within the country and perilous for the world, with few signs that a rapid end to the conflict is possible.

Making each vote count

Jacob Jaffe uses data science to identify and solve problems in election administration.

Tipping the balance between global rivals

Leda Zimmerman MIT Department of Political Science

John David Minnich seeks to understand how trade policies fueled China’s rise and continue to determine geopolitical winners and losers.

Thirteen from MIT awarded 2022 Fulbright Fellowships

Julia Mongo Office of Distinguished Fellowships

Thirteen MIT undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni have been awarded Fulbright fellowships to pursue projects overseas in the 2022-23 grant year. Another MIT affiliate was offered an award but has not yet decided whether to accept, and others were named alternates and may be promoted in the coming weeks.

From South Africa, a success story for democracy

Peter Dizikes MIT News

MIT political scientist Evan Lieberman’s new book, “Until We Have Won Our Liberty,” examines the condition of South Africa, a quarter-century after it became a multiracial democracy.

Eleanor Freund receives Jeanne Guillemin Prize

Michelle English MIT Center for International Studies

The daughter of an American diplomat, Eleanor Freund spent most of her childhood living abroad in such places as Madagascar, Ghana, South Africa, and Austria. These experiences, she explains, led to an early interest in politics and international relations.

When dueling narratives deepen a divide

Peter Dizikes MIT News

For more than four decades, the U.S. and Iran have had a relentlessly poor relationship. To be sure, it is hardly a shock that tensions would run high between the countries following the hostage crisis of 1979-1981, when Iran held more than 50 U.S. diplomats in captivity for 444 days. Even so, little progress has been made in U.S.-Iran relations in subsequent years.

A business of hope and transformation

Leda Zimmerman MIT Department of Political Science

Entrepreneur and political science master’s student Milain Fayulu builds brands to bring change to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Frequency builds familiarity

Leda Zimmerman MIT Department of Political Science

Urban street networks that encourage encounters among strangers link to lower ethnic tensions and anti-immigrant hostility.