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Finding patterns in the noise

Leda Zimmerman MIT Political Science

Using novel computational approaches, graduate student Sean Liu develops better tools for analyzing data.

Seeing the light

Leda Zimmerman Political Science

Blindsided by a pandemic and hunkering down at home instead of celebrating spring on campus, MIT seniors might reasonably be feeling blue. But a group of political science majors glimpse brighter days ahead, as they springboard from rewarding academic programs into meaningful careers.

Teaching Remotely: Political Economy

Molly Ruggles MIT Open Learning

Theories of the State and the Economy (17.100) is a graduate seminar, normally consisting of in-person lectures and facilitated discussions. Faced with quickly transitioning to online teaching and without prior experience, Professors Suzanne Berger and Michael Piore met the challenge in several ways.

Charles Stewart on the Covid-19 pandemic’s impact on the 2020 elections

School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

Charles Stewart III is the Kenan Sahin Distinguished Professor of Political Science at MIT and the founder of the MIT Election Data and Science Lab. SHASS Communications spoke with him recently about the broader impacts of the pandemic on the U.S. elections, in particular the decisions that need to be made, quickly, to increase the extent of voting-by-mail and other safe voting methods for the general election in November.

Why do banking crises occur?

Peter Dizikes MIT News Office

In a new book, political scientist David Singer finds two key factors connected to financial-sector collapses around the globe.

How door-to-door canvassing slowed an epidemic

Peter Dizikes MIT News Office

A study co-authored by an MIT professor shows how much that program, consisting of door-to-door canvassing by community volunteers, spread valuable information and changed public practices during the epidemic. The findings also demonstrate how countries with minimal resources can both fight back against epidemics and gain public trust in difficult circumstances. 

Best New Dataset Award

MIT Department of Political Science

Profesor In Song Kim is the recipient of the International Political Economy Society’s Best New Dataset Award for his LobbyView database.

MIT Political Science January 2020 IAP Offerings

MIT Department of Political Science

From exploring civil military relations, science and technology public policy making, or building a movement, we have the bootcamp or class for the policy-minded learner!

Clara Vandeweerdt: The power of group think

Leda Zimmerman MIT Political Science

While many people might find it difficult if not downright distasteful to dive into 1.5 million hours of partisan talk radio, Clara Vandeweerdt found it thrilling.

A look at Japan’s evolving intelligence efforts

Peter Dizikes MIT News

Once upon a time — from the 1600s through the 1800s — Japan had a spy corps so famous we know their name today: the ninjas, intelligence agents serving the ruling Tokugawa family.

What makes for better bureaucracy?

Leda Zimmerman MIT Political Science

Civil servants and the political systems in which they are entrenched don't normally get much love. Charged with essential public service missions such as providing working infrastructure, effective schools and vital healthcare, bureaucrats often earn low marks. But new research by Guillermo Toral and Tugba Bozcaga, political science doctoral candidates, may begin to change perceptions.

Prof. Narang receives the ISSS "Emerging Scholar" award

MIT Department of Political Science

We are pleased to announce that Associate Professor Vipin Narang has won this year’s “Emerging Scholar” award from the International Studies Association’s International Security Section.