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Nicole Wilson:  Behind the gates

Leda Zimmerman MIT Political Science

As the middle class in Lagos retreats to private enclaves, political scientist Nicole Wilson ponders the impacts on democratic norms

A Glimpse Inside Intel:  Manufacturing at MIT Distinguished Speaker Series Features Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger 

Peter Dizikes MIT News Office, Peter Dizikes

The Department of Political Science sponsors the Manufacturing @ MIT Distinguished Speaker Series in partnership with the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the Industrial Performance Center, MIT.nano, Machine Intelligence for Manufacturing and Operations, Leaders for Global Operations, the Laboratory for Manufacturing and Productivity, and Mission Innovation X.  Institute Professor Suzanne Berger has been involved with the series from its inception.

Matias Giannoni: Rise of the right

Leda Zimmerman MIT Political Science

Frustrated workers are leading the backlash against democracy as the global economy shudders