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IPL Delegation

International Policy Lab issues new call for proposals

The International Policy Lab (IPL) within the Center for International Studies has issued its third Institute-wide call for proposals. The IPL helps leading MIT researchers develop the policy implications of their research and better inform the policymaking community in the United States and abroad. It provides funding and staff support for translating scholarly work into digestible, policy-relevant materials and for direct outreach to policymakers.

Ketian Zheng

Probing the behavior of an international “bully”

MIT Political Science

Although she grew up in a family of Communist Party stalwarts, Ketian Vivian Zhang never felt entirely at home in China’s patriotic education system. “I learned that the world was less black and white than the Party made it out to be,” says Zhang, a doctoral student in political science. By the time she was in high school, she was actively seeking alternative perspectives on China and its role in the world.

Vipin Narang

Making sense of nuclear threats

MIT News

"I’ve been fortunate to have great graduate students from the day I got here, and I’m very proud of how they’ve done," Vipin Narang says.

Evan Lieberman

Political science debuts on MITeX

MIT Political Science

New course takes a deep dive into African democracies. “The course is about Africa, where there are specific challenges to democratic government, but the questions and ideas that arise are relevant in any political context,” says Lieberman.

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