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Ariel White

When the media is in on the experiment

With a readership that runs into the millions, few would argue that the New York Times doesn’t influence public debate on a host of issues. But what about a news outlet with a circulation of only about 50,000? The answer, says Albert J. Weatherhead III University Professor Gary King, is that even small- to medium-sized media outlets can have a dramatic effect on the content and partisan balance of the national conversation about major public policy issues.

Richard Nielsen

Why some Muslim clerics become jihadists

MIT News Office

What turns people into radical jihadist clerics? A new book by an MIT political scientist offers a new answer: thwarted career ambitions.

Elizabeth Dekeyser

An American in Paris

MIT Political Science

Moving to another country often sparks serious thinking about identity and belonging. This is doubly true for Dekeyser: She is an American in Paris, on a multi-year research project investigating the ways Islam shapes people’s sense of citizenship and allegiance to the French state.

Jesse L. White Jr. PhD '79

Jesse L. White, Jr. (1979) endows fellowship fund

Mississippi native Jesse L. White Jr. PhD ’79 came to MIT with the aim of understanding voting behavior in his home state and gaining a broader perspective on the world. As a political science doctoral student, he found what he was looking for: “Growing up in a very provincial environment, going to a world-class institution was life-altering,” White says. “I feel like I owe so much to MIT.”

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