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Scene at MIT: MIT welcomes Chancellor Melissa Nobles

Division of Student Life

Nestled between buildings 12, 13, 24, and 31 is the North Corridor, an area coined as the “Outfinite” by students, where members of the MIT community gathered for an Institute community social hosted by President L. Rafael Reif to welcome MIT’s new chancellor, Melissa Nobles. After about 18 months of virtual Zoom meetings, for many it was their first time seeing and reconnecting with friends and colleagues.

Punishment for the people

MIT News

By some lights, it seems curious how authoritarian leaders can sustain their public support while limiting liberties for citizens. Yes, it can be hard to overthrow an entrenched leader; that does not mean people have to like their ruling autocrats. And yet, many do.

Citizens emerge from the slums

MIT Department of Political Science

Research reveals that urban poor of the developing world are politically engaged and capable of lifting themselves up.

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