MIT Political Science January 2020 IAP Offerings

MIT Department of Political Science

From exploring civil military relations, science and technology public policy making, or building a movement, we have the bootcamp or class for the policy-minded learner!

Clara Vandeweerdt: The power of group think

Leda Zimmerman MIT Political Science

While many people might find it difficult if not downright distasteful to dive into 1.5 million hours of partisan talk radio, Clara Vandeweerdt found it thrilling.

A look at Japan’s evolving intelligence efforts

Peter Dizikes MIT News

Once upon a time — from the 1600s through the 1800s — Japan had a spy corps so famous we know their name today: the ninjas, intelligence agents serving the ruling Tokugawa family.

What makes for better bureaucracy?

Leda Zimmerman MIT Political Science

Civil servants and the political systems in which they are entrenched don't normally get much love. Charged with essential public service missions such as providing working infrastructure, effective schools and vital healthcare, bureaucrats often earn low marks. But new research by Guillermo Toral and Tugba Bozcaga, political science doctoral candidates, may begin to change perceptions.

Prof. Narang receives the ISSS "Emerging Scholar" award

MIT Department of Political Science

We are pleased to announce that Associate Professor Vipin Narang has won this year’s “Emerging Scholar” award from the International Studies Association’s International Security Section.

Looking under the surface of politics in Latin America

Peter Dizikes MIT News

Danny Hidalgo’s research involves looking under the surface of elections and political campaigns, and probing some of their questionable elements. It turns out there’s a lot to see down there.

News and Views

Peter Dizikes MIT News

MIT study finds partisan news coverage has a bigger impact on viewers without strong media preferences.

Devin Caughey receives the Leon Epstein Award

MIT Department of Political Science

We are pleased to announce that Silverman (1968) Family Career Development Associate Professor Devin Caughey's book, The Unsolid South, has been awarded the Leon Epstein Outstanding Book Award by the Political Organizations and Parties Section of APSA.

David A. Singer named Head of MIT Political Science

Janine Sazinsky MIT Political Science

Melissa Nobles, the Kenan Sahin Dean of MIT's School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, has announced that David Singer is the new Head of the Department Political Science, effective July 1.

3 Questions: The social implications and responsibilities of computing

Peter Dizikes MIT News

Since February, five working groups have been generating ideas about the form and content of the new MIT Stephen A. Schwarzman College of Computing. That includes the Working Group on Social Implications and Responsibilities of Computing, co-chaired by Melissa Nobles, the Kenan Sahin Dean of the MIT School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences and a professor of political science, and Julie Shah, associate professor in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at MIT and head of the Interactive Robotics Group of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. MIT News talked to Shah about the group’s progress and goals to this point.