Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

The MIT Department of Political Science is committed to supporting diversity, inclusion, and well-being among the students, faculty and staff who form our community. Because we study the great challenges facing societies around the globe, we are keenly aware of the need to include the widest possible array of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives in our curriculum, scholarship, and community. We are committed to increasing the number of faculty and students from groups traditionally underrepresented in political science, including ethnic and racial minorities and women. We also wish to foster the physical and emotional well-being necessary to allow all of our community members to capitalize on their talents and to realize their potential.

To help realize these goals, we designate an Equal Opportunity Officer for all faculty searches, participate in the MIT Summer Research Program which seeks to enhance the pipeline of underrepresented minority students pursuing academic careers, host annually a scholar in the diversity pre-doc program sponsored by the Provost and SHASS Office, and work with the discipline’s pipeline programs to recruit PhD candidates from a wide variety of backgrounds. We carefully evaluate candidates for our PhD program with an eye to enhancing diversity and inclusion, and we will continue to work with the MIT ICEO, Human Resources, and SHASS Dean’s Office in pursuit of these goals.