Professor Evan Lieberman:  "Solidarity and sacrifice for planetary wellbeing" featured in Global Solidarity Report 2023

Global Diversity Lab

Global Diversity Lab Director Evan Lieberman was a contributor to the Global Solidarity Report 2023. For the first time ever, this report, produced cooperatively with MIT's Center for International Studies, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Global Citizen, Goals House,, the NYC Center on International Cooperation and the Pandemic Action Network, presents a tool designed to measure global solidarity and sets out a pathway of how to strengthen it. 

Championed by world leaders, advocates and scholars, this report highlights three Calls to Action to shift towards a world with shared purpose:

  1. Just transition, now away from fossil fuels with more support for countries to transition to net zero and for food systems research.
  2. Cooperate against viruses through a Pandemic Fund and Pandemic Accord
  3. Pool global resources for global objectives, with a new UN tax body, reforms to the world’s development banks, and a new system of Global Public Investment.

Read the full report here: