Jeremy Ferwerda receives Gabriel A. Almond Award

Jeremy Ferwerda

Jeremy Ferwarda (PhD'15), Assistant Professor of Government at Dartmouth College

Jeremy Ferwarda (PhD'15), Assistant Professor of Government at Dartmouth College, has been announced as the recipient of the American Political Science Association's 2017 Gabriel A. Almond Award which is awarded annually for the best dissertation in the field of comparative politics. His dissertation is titled "The Politics of Proximity: Local Redistribution in Developed Democracies."

Abstract: "Over the last few decades, countries across the European Economic Area (EEA) have granted local governments considerable discretion over social policy. This project examines the consequences of these reforms. Drawing on unique data from over 28,000 European local governments, I demonstrate that decentralization has not been accompanied by declining levels of provision, as predicted by extant theories, but rather by significant expansion in the scale and scope of redistributive activity. Explaining this puzzle, the dissertation argues that local government behavior is shaped by the ‘politics of proximity’, which provides clear incentives for incumbents to invest in redistributive policy for electoral gain."

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