Ariel White receives SHASS research fund award

MIT Political Science MIT SHASS

Ariel White

Professor Ariel White

Photo: Stuart Darsch

Assistant Professor Ariel White is one of ten faculty to receive the SHASS honor. The annual SHASS Research Fund supports MIT research in the humanities, arts, and social sciences that shows promise of making an important contribution to the proposed area of activity.

With an unprecedented amount of material, White and her colleagues will use a textual analysis tool to analyze the language used to report on crime, asking whether and to what extent local media outlets focus mostly on crimes committed by nonwhite suspects. They will also analyze the relationship between reporting trends and actual crime statistics to see whether these publications accurately reflect the level and type of crime.

Congratulations to Professor White, and her colleagues on this award:

Nikhil Agarwal, assistant professor of economics

Charlotte Brathwaite, assistant professor of music and theater arts

Sarah Brown, director of design for music and theater arts

Lerna Ekmekcioglu, associate professor of history

Malick Ghachem, associate professor of history

Frederick Harris, Jr., director of wind and jazz ensembles for music and theater arts

Mark Harvey, senior lecturer in music and theater arts

Sabine Iatridou, professor of linguistics

Seth Mnookin, associate professor of comparative media studies/writing


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