Gene Skolnikoff

Gene Skolnikoff

Professor of Political Science Emeritus

Science policy; public policy; technology; international affairs; proliferation; climate change.


Gene Skolnikoff is Professor of Political Science Emeritus. Professor Skolnikoff has focused his research and teaching interests in the field of science and public policy, especially the interaction of science and technology with international affairs. This interest has covered a wide range of international subjects, including recent studies in global climate change and proliferation. He studied electrical engineering at MIT, followed by politics and economics at Oxford University on a Rhodes Scholarship, and political science at MIT once again. He has held a variety of posts, including serving on the White House staff in the Office of the Special Assistant to the President for Science and Technology under Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy, and he played an active role as Senior Consultant to the White House Science Office under President Carter.

Professor Skolnikoff served as Head of the Department from 1970-74, and was Director of the Center for International Studies from 1972 to 1987. He has been a consultant to government departments and international organizations, has held a variety of posts in professional societies, and was instrumental in the development of the science and public policy fields at universities in the U.S. and abroad. His research publications include Science, Technology and American Foreign Policy; International Imperatives of Technology; and a major book entitled: The Elusive Transformation: Science, Technology, and the Evolution of International Politics.


"Will Science and Technology Undermine the International Political System?"

"International Governance in a Technological Age"

"Implementing Environmental Commitments: How Governments, Industry and NGOs Put International Environmental Agreements into Practice" (with David G. Victor)

"The Role of Science in Policy: The Climate Change Debate in the United States" A version of this article was published in Environment, June 1999, vol. 41, number 5, pages 16-20, 42-45.

"Research Universities and National Security: Can Traditional Values Survive?" Lewis M. Branscomb lecture delivered at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Dec. 17, 2001.

"Protecting University Research Amid National-Security Fears"

"The Policy Gridlock on Global Warming"