Quantitative Research Poster Session 2019

Professor F. Daniel Hidalgo discusses with Chloe Wittenburg her research "#SorryNotSorry: Public Responses to Political Apologies."

Hosted by Professor F. Daniel Hidalgo, graduate students from 17.806 "Quantitative Research Methods IV" presented their semester-long research in a capstone poster session. The May 15th event served as a venue to present their research projects at an early stage in their program for some lively discussion and feedback amongst the graduate student community.

Thank you to everyone who joined and shared ideas, and especially to all of the students who worked so hard to produce so many interesting projects!

This year's posters included:

Matias Giannoni, “The Cycle of Protest and the Stability of Violence through Social Media Images: An Application of CNN to the Gilets Jaunes Acts”

Zachary Markovich, “Ensemble Learning Significantly Improves Inferences About State Level Opinion From a Small National Survey”

Stuart Russell, “Exploring World Bank Projects with Text Analysis”

Nicole Wilson and Chloe Wittenberg, "#SorryNotSorry: Public Responses to Political Apologies"