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Global Diversity Lab (GDL)

The Global Diversity Lab at MIT promotes research and teaching on the political implications of ethnic, racial, and national diversity in the United States and around the world. Together, faculty and students explore how culturally diverse polities address the challenges of advancing political order, human wellbeing and human dignity, both historically and in the present context.

The lab’s work is motivated by deep concerns about patterns of unfair treatment, inequality, conflict, and violence that cut along ethnic, racial, and national lines around the globe. But it is not an advocacy organization — the Global Diversity Lab’s central mission is to conduct rigorous research to lay bare such patterns, and to evaluate the effects of solutions that might contribute to more just and prosperous societies. Informed by work in a range of disciplines, lab members distill lessons focused on harnessing the value of diversity and reducing violence and inequality through careful social science research.

For more, please visit the Global Diversity Lab website.