Willard Johnson

Willard Johnson

Professor of Political Science Emeritus


Willard Johnson is Professor of Political Science Emeritus. Professor Johnson's interests cover a broad range of African and African American studies, from the politics, policy strategies, and role of external human and capital resources in African development, to aspects of African and African American history, culture, philosophy, and inter-ethnic and foreign relations.

Professor Johnson is co-author of West African Governments and Volunteer Development Organizations, and the author of The Cameroon Federation: Political Integration in a Fragmentary Society, as well as articles and book chapters on issues of African development and foreign relations, and economic and political development of American inner-city areas. His current research concerns priorities for U.S.-Africa relations as well as patterns of historic relations between Africans and Native Americans.

Professor Johnson founded and continues to be active in the leadership of The Boston Pan-African Forum, which is a membership organization devoted to promoting mutually beneficial relations between the United States and the countries and peoples of Africa and the African Diaspora. He founded and is the current President of The Kansas Institute of African American and Native American Family History (KIAANAFH) which is a non-profit membership organization to commemorate pioneer African American families of the Mid-West, to document the historic ties between African- and Native-Americans, and to promote their collaboration and common interests. He is featured alongside a hundred leaders, including Nelson Mandela and President Barack Obama, judged to be important to the Boston area communities of color, in Portraits of Purpose: A Tribute to Leadership.


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"Minorities in the United States" Professor Emeritus Willard Johnson, (see 1hr 17m. marker)