Danilo Limoeiro

Danilo Limoeiro


Danilo Limoeiro is a PhD candidate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he studies political economy, comparative politics and quantitative analysis. Danilo holds a Master's with distinction from Oxford University and a BA in International Relations from University of Brasilia.

His first book, Além das Transferências de Renda, (“Beyond Income Transfers,”) was published in 2015 by University of Brasilia Press and looks at the causes of regional inequality decline in Brazil during the 2000s. Previously, he has worked at the Brazilian federal government, where he served at the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Labor, and the Secretariat of Strategic Affairs, among other units.

Danilo's research agenda focuses on questions such as why some societies are richer, better governed, and less unequal than others. In his most recent research he tries to cast light on these questions by looking at how party politics impact subnational governance in Brazilian municipalities and the how state institutions affect innovation. His PhD thesis investigates firms’ interactions with governments and try to uncover how firm-level attributes determines their strategy to deal with the  public sector. His academic work combines quantitative methods - surveys, causal inference and machine learning - with qualitative techniques, such as semi-structured interviews.



Além das Transferências de Renda: o Declínio da Desigualdade Regional no Brasil na Década de 2000 ("Beyond Income Transfers: The Decline of Regional Inequality in Brazil in the 2000s"), University of Brasilia Press, 2014.