Thank you to these outstanding Political Science mentors!

Graduate students from MIT Political Science recognize the following individuals—including peers, more advanced students, staff members, and faculty members—for their outstanding mentorship. Recognize someone today.

Rachel Tecott

Rachel has shown tremendous caring in developing junior students. Whether reading essays or running workshops, Rachel consistently teaches the younger cohorts and role models how to give back to one's community. I hope I can teach others like Rachel taught me!

—Emma Campbell-Mohn

Lily Tsai

I am grateful to Lily for being such an incredibly supportive mentor and advisor to me during the pandemic. Every time there was a policy change at MIT that affected international students she would reach out to check if it impacted me, let me know she was available if I needed and share whatever information she could around the policy. When I faced a personal setback, Lily was empathetic, available, and helped me prioritize between work and personal responsibilities. Thank you for all your encouragement and support during this difficult year!

—Anum Mustafa

In Song Kim

In Song is always generous about his time and ready to invest for student success. I have learned a lot from him about research and beyond. Thank you, In Song, for being my mentor!

—Hao Zhang